For a happy baby

Children are wonderful. They enrich our lives but they also turn them upside down. Life is never the same from one day to the next. As new parents you suddenly find yourselves facing a whole host of new challenges and asking yourselves a lot of questions.
Right from the very start, you give your beloved baby masses of love and care to ensure his healthy development. At nip, we offer support with a wide range of helpful and high-quality products, which are designed to cater for your baby‘s individual needs and to make everyday life easier for you.
Since 1932, we have been developing our products in close cooperation with scientists, doctors and midwives and in accordance with the latest medical and technical knowledge. All of our products offer maximum safety and quality. This is tested regularly in own laboratory and checked by independent institutes.
With more than 150 employees at our company headquarters in Georgensgmünd, we work every day to ensure that you can enjoy the precious time you spend with your child to the full. Our many years of experience mean you can be sure that you are doing exactly the right thing for your child.