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Cool Twister


  • Food preperation in a jiffy

  • cools to exact temperature of 40,50, 60 or 70°C

  • works with just cold water

  • easy to use and works without power - also ideal when travelling

  • is light and handy

  • easy to clean, for vaporisers

  • fits on all baby bottles

  • recommended by midwives

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Cool Twister

Use :

  • Step 1
  • Boil fresh tap water and measure out 210 ml with the break-proof measuring cup

  • Step 2
  • Turn the cooling element 180°, put it on the threaded neck of the measuring cup and screw them together so nothing drips

  • Step 3
  • Turn the screwed unit 180° again and put it directly over the neck of the baby bottle. Hot water runs automatically through the cooling coil which is surrounded by the cooling water and cools down the boiling water