Soother Case


  • Practical and essential

  • Clean soothers in 60 seconds

  • Easy microwave disinfection

  • Hygienic storage

  • suitable for all soother sizes

  • Practical fastening eye for nip soother band

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Soother Case

Use :

Place 2 tsp. of water in bottom tray of the case and place the soother on the ledge. Close the case and place it in any standard microwave oven.Disin-fact the soothe by setting the microwave power at a maximum of 800 watts for 60 seconds.Then allow the case and soother to cool off for approximately 2 minutes.Discard any remaining liquid.The soother will now be compeletely disinfected and can be stored un the case until it is used.if necessary ,clean the case with a damp cloth.if the surface or interior of the case is heavily soiled, it can be rinsed under warm runnig water.