Baby Wellness

Head pad

All around wellbeing with "Bellywell"


  • soothes stomach aches when suffering from colic and flatulence

  • long-lasting, pleasant heat

  • featuring purely natural lavender oil

  • ergonomic design fi ts baby’s tummy perfectly

  • extremly light and small

  • pleasantly soft surface

  • just 30 to 60 seconds to heat up

  • in the microwave

  • from the 1st day

  • 0% BPA

  • Phthalate frei

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Head pad

  • Heat pad featuring moor gel and lavender aroma for soothing stomach aches caused by complaints such as infant colic or digestion problems,as well as creating a better sense of overall well-being.

  • Long-lasting,uninterrupted heat
  • Purely natural lavender oil
  • Flexible and cuddly
  • Ergonomic shape fits perfectly on baby's small tummy area
  • Surface that's pleasantly soft to the touch,saliva and sweat-proof
  • Use:

  • Heat the pad in the microwave:
  • at 300 watts for approx.60 seconds
  • at 600 watts for approx.30 seconds
  • at 800 watts for approx.20 seconds

  • Please not that,even if they have the same power rating,the actual power output by microwaves from different manufacturers may vary
  • Light soiling can be removed by placing the pad under warm running water
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Please observe the enclosed usage and safety instructions
  • This is not a toy!