Baby Wellness

Nasal decongester

Runny nose goodbye!


  • for a gentle and painless treatment of blocked nose

  • tip is made of pleasantly soft PP

  • large tip form prevents from getting to deep into the nose

  • ease of handling

  • easy to clean

  • Phtalate free

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Nasal decongester

  • Use :

  • Before using for the first time,and every time,clean the suction tip and pump bulb thoroughly with water and detergent.
  • Squeeze the bulb flat and insert the suction tip carefully into the blocked nostril.
  • lightly press the other nostril to close it.
  • the sensitive mucous membrane in the nose.
  • For your childl's safety:Warning!

  • The nip nasal decongester is a medical product and not a children's toy!
  • The nip nasal decongester contains small parts which could be swallowed risk of choking!
  • cannot be steam disinfected.
  • Not suitable for disinfectrion in the microwave.