Mouth & Teeth Care

Finger mitt

For the first teeth


  • for gentle cleaning and massage of gums, tongue and milk teeth

  • soft microfibre absorbs bacteria and germs

  • antibacterial thanks to the latest silver ion technology

  • proven effectiveness without chemical additives

  • material complies with Ökotex Standard 100

  • playful introduction to cleaning teeth

  • suitable for all finger sizes

  • for babies between 0 and 12 months

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Finger mitt

  • Use :
  • simply slip your index finger into the finger mitt,pull the safety ring over your middle finger,and briefly dampen the white tip with water.The flexible material will adjust to fit your finger perfectly.
  • This enables you to gauge the exact amount of pressure to apply for ensuring a gentle massage,as well as easily reach each part of the oral cavity and clean it thoroughly.
  • Prior to first use sterilize the finger mitt in boiling water for 5 minutes.
  • After each use,please rinse it out under warm running water.Then wring it out well and dry it in a bright and hygienic location.
  • The product can be sterilized by boiling it,or using a steam or microwave sterilizer.
  • Please note that this may shrink the finger mitt or cause the colours to fade.